AromaStone Wailea Massage 

Therapeutic Hot Stone Swedish Massage in Wailea
Personalized Aromatherapy Blends
Relaxing, Healing, Caring

AromaStone is the place to come if you are looking for a professional, therapeutic massage outside of the hotel spa setting. Swedish massage integrated with hot stones and essential oils is the signature treatment here. 

One hour: $95   Ninety minute: $125 

161 Wailea Ike Place B103 Kihei HI 96753

AromaStone Massage is located at the Wailea Town Center only 5-10 minutes away from all Wailea, Makena & Kihei hotels and condominiums. You can walk, drive or take your hotel's shuttle service. It's where you will find Aromatherapy integrated with  hot stone massage and the most comfortable massage table on the island! 

AromaStone now has two massage therapists on staff.    Gail has been a practicing therapist since 1999 and listens to every client. Your massage follow a treatment plan unique to you.  Routine massages are not a part of our practice. If you want to come for relaxation and stress relief or need help healing from an injury or have overworked your muscles and need a deep tissue massage or if you receive massage as a way to maintain your health let us know. We will happily honor your requests. Essential oils are a key component in most of the massages at AromaStone.  You will always have an array of Aromatherapy blends to choose from. There are blends that are invigorating and boost circulation, blends that sedate, blends that balance and soothe, blends that strengthen the immune system. You can also have your very own blend of essential oils, unique to you that no one else on the planet will have. With over 100 single essential oils to choose from creating your own blend can be lots and lots of fun. If you prefer an unscented massage please let me know that. All the lotions and carriers oils I use are fragrance free and natural. 

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Lemon is refreshing, cleansing, boosts circulation


Invigorating and cleansing


Highest vibration floral, loving

Lavender is the ultimate balancer


Balances and refreshes