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AromaStone Wailea Massage & Aromatherapy

AromaStone Wailea Massage

Essential Remedies & Hot Stone Massage

AromaStone Wailea Massage & Aromatherapy 808-264-9999


Massage Menu:

AromaStone Experience: unique combination of Swedish, Hot Stone & Aromatherapy Massage. Choose from the following blends: Summer Lavender, Just Breathe, Muscle Relief, Relaxing Floral, Candy, Chai, Fire & Ice, 4 Cinnamon, Yang. A luxurious yet deeply therapeutic massage.
30 min: $50       60 min: $90        90 min: $120

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: Focused Swedish style massage combined with Hot Stones & Blue Oil - a blend created specifically to help release tension from very tight muscles.
30 min: $80      60 min: $120         90 min: $150

Aromatherapy Massage: Essential oils that will work especially well for your specific concerns will be chosen throughout this massage. A totally customized blend created on the spot, just for you maximizes the healing potential of massage.
60 min: $125        90 min: $155

Chakra Massage: Choose from the Chakra Blend series of essential oils. Chakras are the power points in our body that deal with specific issues, concerns & developments as we move through life. Chakra blends were created to heal & balance those power points & help to harmonize our lives.
60 min: $99        90 min: $133

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage: Because Mom’s need massage! Weight & posture changes pregnant people’s bodies. Massage helps alleviate some of the discomfort that results. After your baby arrives, massage helps your body recover proper posture, muscle & skin tone.
60 min: $90          90 min: $120

Essential Remedies: If you have an issue, problem or concern & you feel you need a different approach to healing it try an Essential Remedy. It is a custom blending of essential oils to help you solve your problems. Essential oils are subtle yet powerful. A blend that fully suits your aromatic preferences & healing needs can be created. 
Available in: 5ml dropper bottle, spritzer or roll-on applicator
Price dependent upon essential oil blend. $25-$75


Massage Add-Ons: $20

Foot Reflexology Treatment: Sets you up for a great massage. The reflex points on your feet correspond to different parts of your body: internal organs, spine, shoulders, neck & head, sciatic nerve to name a few.  15 extra minutes

Scalp Massage: Soothes your swirling mind & helps relieve tension throughout your body. Invigorates circulation & conditions hair follicles. 15 extra minutes

AromaStone is located at the Wailea Town Center. A space where your well-being is of utmost importance. I created this business so that I can do the work I love, blending essential oils with massage to help people along their healing journey. You are welcome here any time & I look forward to serving you. I am here to help you maintain or regain your health.

AromaStone Wailea Healing Center

161 Wailea Ike Place B103       Wailea, HI  96753   808-264-9999

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Gail McClary, Owner

Gail McClary

Creator of AromaStone

Add a Treatment

Foot Reflexology or Scalp Massage

$20 = 15 minutes

Intense Healing Series

5 Massages in 10 Days

Helps your body release the "cell memory" of chronic tension & pain. You receive 5 fifty minute massages with an Aromatherapy blend created especially for you.



Network Chiropractic on Thursdays

Kourtney Knox uses a gentle approach to Chiropractic that works especially well with massage.

Call: 808-575-5483